I expected friendship from my friends
How mistaken were my notions of these trends.
When will the tree of friendship bear fruit?
I have planted seeds of many strains & blends.
Dervishes keep away from discourses & discussions
Else my arguments, my talk, only offends.
I detected aggression in your piercing eyes
Forgive me and let me make peaceful amends.
The bud of your goodness remained closed
I became the gardener whom flowers tends.
Many wrongs were done, yet no-one complained
My silence, deference and respect extends.
Said, this friendship is what Hafiz intends
Not by our order his time, this way he spends.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
January 29, 2000

ما ز یاران چشم یاری داشـتیم
خود غلط بود آن چه ما پنداشتیم
تا درخـت دوسـتی برگی دهد
حالیا رفتیم و تخمی کاشـتیم
گـفـت و گو آیین درویشی نبود
ور نـه با تو ماجراها داشـتیم
شیوه چشمت فریب جنگ داشت
ما غلط کردیم و صلح انگاشـتیم
گلبن حسنت نه خود شد دلفروز
ما دم همت بر او بگـماشـتیم
نکته‌ها رفت و شکایت کس نکرد
جانـب حرمـت فرونگذاشتیم
گفت خود دادی به ما دل حافظا
ما محصل بر کسی نگماشـتیم

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