O heart, break, because a shattered heart, many wonders attains
Your midnight needs, shall repel a hundred pains.
Criticisms of your angel-faced Beloved, lovingly bear
Because a single smile, compensates for a hundred strains.
From this world to the angelic realm, will all be unveiled
For one who in the service of the Grail tries and trains.
Physician of love has the healing hands of Christ, yet
Where there is no malady, why think the healer remains?
Be focused on serving your own God, and be content
Because God has mercy, though the claimant complains.
I am hurt by my dormant fate, perhaps my wakefulness
At the time of demise of the night, in prayer gains.
Hafiz, shattered and broken, and not a whiff of Belovedís curls
Perhaps a trace of that aroma, when the morning breeze travels the plains.

© Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
July 4, 2003

دلا بـسوز کـه سوز تو کارها بـکـند
نیاز نیم شـبی دفـع صد بـلا بـکـند
عـتاب یار پری چهره عاشقانه بـکـش
کـه یک کرشمـه تلافی صد جفا بکـند
ز مـلـک تا ملـکوتـش حـجاب بردارند
هر آن کـه خدمت جام جهان نما بـکـند
طبیب عشق مسیحادم است و مشفق لیک
چو درد در تو نـبیند کـه را دوا بـکـند
تو با خدای خود انداز کار و دل خوش دار
کـه رحـم اگر نکـند مدعی خدا بکـند
ز بخـت خفتـه ملولـم بود کـه بیداری
بـه وقـت فاتحـه صـبـح یک دعا بکند
بسوخـت حافـظ و بویی به زلف یار نبرد
مـگر دلالـت این دولتـش صـبا بکـند

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