What beauty, sweetness of the world with her lies
Soft eyes, smiling lips, and happy heart with her lies.
Though sweetness of the tongue, kingship implies,
She is Solomon of times, and prophecy with her lies.
Beauty, artistry and innocence are her guise,
And hence, in both worlds, will of the Good, with her lies.
Her beauty-mole is that fair face's prize,
The secrets that seek the wise, with her lies.
My lover is leaving, God be with her through my cries,
What to do with broken heart, since my cure with her lies.
With whom can I share that she brought me my demise
I am now crucified, resurrection with her lies.
Respect Hafiz, his faith no-one denies,
Forgiveness of godly souls with her lies.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
October 22, 1999

آن سیه چرده که شیرینی عالم با اوسـت
چشم میگون لب خندان دل خرم با اوست
گر چـه شیرین دهنان پادشهانـند ولی
او سلیمان زمان است که خاتم با اوسـت
روی خوب است و کمال هنر و دامـن پاک
لاجرم هـمـت پاکان دو عالم با اوسـت
خال مشکین که بدان عارض گندمگون است
سر آن دانه که شد رهزن آدم با اوسـت
دلـبرم عزم سـفر کرد خدا را یاران
چـه کنم با دل مجروح که مرهم با اوست
با که این نکته توان گفت که آن سنگین دل
کشـت ما را و دم عیسی مریم با اوست
حافـظ از معتقدان اسـت گرامی دارش
زان که بخشایش بس روح مکرم با اوسـت

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