Whoever, to your face, such cheerful colors gave
Patience and serenity for poor me can also save
Whoever trained your hair so arrogantly to behave
His grace, such injustice for poor me can also waive.
I gave up my desires on the first day when
Beloved took my heart's rein and made me her slave.
If there's no golden treasure, at least satisfied I remain
He who gave that to the king, made this the lot of the knave.
This world, just like a bride, in appearance is glorified
He who gave his life to this, has only dug his own grave.
From now on, I spend my time in nature with rivers & trees
While the breeze, of time of spring, would rant and rave.
Hafiz's heart was brave, rode hardships wave after wave
Though separations deprave, the King as our healer gave.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
January 23, 2000

آن که رخسار تو را رنگ گل و نـسرین داد
صـبر و آرام تواند به مـن مـسـکین داد
وان که گیسوی تو را رسم تطاول آموخـت
هـم تواند کرمـش داد من غمـگین داد
مـن هـمان روز ز فرهاد طمـع بـبریدم
کـه عـنان دل شیدا به لـب شیرین داد
گـنـج زر گر نبود کنج قناعت باقیسـت
آن که آن داد به شاهان بـه گدایان این داد
خوش عروسیست جهان از ره صورت لیکـن
هر که پیوست بدو عـمر خودش کاوین داد
بعد از این دست من و دامن سرو و لب جوی
خاصـه اکـنون که صبا مژده فروردین داد
در کـف غصه دوران دل حافـظ خون شد
از فراق رخـت ای خواجـه قوام الدین داد

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